Modern Innovations Marketing (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated and registered in Zimbabwe, registration number 790/2017. We specialize in harnessing technology to make people’s life easy. We build, maintain and host Whatsapp-based virtual assistants called Ipapo™.

What is Ipapo™?

Ipapo is an automated artificial intelligence (AI) computer program that interacts with human beings on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and on websites.

Ipapo™ can do the following:

Customer care

Have you ever called customer care or toll-free numbers and had to wait for more than five (5) minutes to get through to a human attendant. This usually happens because the attendants would be attending to calls by other customers or clients like you and they can only attend to one customer at a time. This usually results in customers getting frustrated of waiting to be attended to and companies end up losing business.

On the other hand, Ipapo™ can answer frequently asked questions and generic customer queries of thousands of customers at the same time leaving human assistants to attend to a few specific queries thereby increasing customer satisfaction. The answers are instant.

Handling registrations

Ipapo™ can also handle registrations for various programs e.g club membership registrations, universities and college registrations, acceptance of invitations to corporate functions and social functions like weddings.

Handling Bookings

In addition to the above, Ipapo™ can also handle bookings and payments for companies in the hospitality industry. This means that customers can enquire about the availability of accommodation, book and pay for the accommodation using their WhatsApp or on Facebook.

Business Directory Registrations

Ipapo™ also handles registrations to online directories which enable customers to search for their products and services using affordable platforms like WhatsApp as opposed to using the internet.

Searching for taxis

Ipapo™ can be used in selected towns, to search for available registered taxis or cabs in an area where the person will be searching from.

Ipapo can be used for many other purposes and are tailor-made for each user according to their requirements.

Why Use Ipapo™?

Cost savings

Internet data is very expensive in Zimbabwe and Africa at large and the majority cannot afford to buy internet data for purposes of doing online transactions. However, most people are using WhatsApp for messaging and interacting with family, friends, workmates and business associates.

Therefore, by using Ipapo you can enjoy both the social interaction and business benefits using the same WhatsApp application at a lower cost.


Many innovators and companies have come up with mobile applications that need to be installed and which require the purchase of additional internet data. With Ipapo, your customers do not need to install another application on their phone. They will use the WhatsApp that they are already using for messaging thereby bringing them convenience.

Wider Coverage

WhatsApp is the most used social media application worldwide. In Zimbabwe and Africa, WhatsApp has the widest coverage and is used even by the rural population. Therefore by using Ipapo, you will have the widest coverage of potential customers which is as far as WhatsApp has reached.


Using Ipapo is simple. Any person who is able to use Whatsapp is able to use Ipapo.

24/7 Availability

Ipapo works around the clock, 24/7. It does not tire and will always be available to attend to customers even at odd hours when human assistants are normally not available.

Interact with Ipapo™

We are using Ipapo here on our website. You can interact with Ipapo on this website on the bottom right corner of the website.